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Santosh Viswanatham

Javascript | Accessibility | Tech Speaker | Mozillian | Open Web | Dreamer

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HTML CSS3 javascript java bootstrap photoshop mysql gulp grunt angularjs canjs jquery git mongodb sass aframe, webvr addon leaflet ionic visgl

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Hi, I am Santosh, a 25-year-old Software Developer, and Tech Speaker. I work as a Senior Development Engineer at Pramati Technologies, where I build products and solutions using Open Web Technologies. Previously I worked as a Senior Javascript Developer at Gaian Solutions and Senior Frontend Developer at Infosys. I have experience in working with JavaScript Frameworks like Angular JS, Angular, React and CanJS, Although I prefer to call myself a Framework Agnostic Developer. I have experience in working with a ton of Libraries and technologies that includes Charts.js,,, Highcharts, MapboxGL, Leaflet, Google Maps, Google Charts, WebExtensions, A-Frame, etc. I'm known for building quality projects and Improving product life cycle management by Introducing Automated tools and technologies into the project.

I also volunteer to Mozilla as a Tech Speaker, Mozilla Rep and Participation leader and I have been involved with Mozilla for more than 6 years now. As a Mozilla tech speaker, I speak and share about my own learnings from working with Open web technologies including Web VR, Web Extensions, PWA, Firefox Devtools, CSS Grid, Javascript Performance, etc. As an active contributor, my name is also listed in about:credits of all shipped Firefox browsers.

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